Help us Keep St. Anthony on the Cutting Edge

Discover how we hope to expand on our current programs with an Innovation Think Tank.  Housed in the High School Chaminade Computer Lab, these resources would be shared K-12 to enhance 21st Century Teaching and Learning for all.

Innovation Project #1

Technology for Scientific Inquiry

A Mobile Lab of PC Laptops with Vernier Probeware and Software to Enhance our Science and STEM classes to engage students in high end scientific inquiry enabling real-time, sophisticated scientific analysis.

  • 10 Laptops @ $550 ea
  • Probeware for Biology, Chemistry & Physics @ $750 per Class
Estimate: $7,750
Innovation Project #2

Virtual Reality

Students can explore and learn beyond the classroom using Virtual Reality tools.  With a Classroom Kit of 20 VR Student Devices and Accesssories from RobotLAB, students can access Google Expeditions, Discovery, and Cardboard Apps.

RobotLAB Classroom Pack (20)  $5,870

3D Cameras (2) $560

Estimate: $6,430
Innovation Project #3

Mobile Lab of Tablets

Tablet computers allow for more mobility and touch screen interactivity that can take learning to a new level.  A classroom size lab of 20 iPad Tablets could enhance learning K-12 with a mobile charging cart to allow for easy sharing.

iPad4 Mini (20-Pack) @ $9,060

Accessories (Cases, Charging Carts) @ $1,500

Estimate: $10,560